Quality Management

Safety and Quality in Food Packaging Matters

LMI Packaging Solutions is proud to be a SQF certified to the food safety and quality code. This means you can be certain we take product quality and food safety seriously because we know it matters.

Every team member understands the importance of quality product and all are committed to  continuous improvement of our processes to keep providing the quality our customers need, when they need it.


Focus on food quality and safety throughout every step of production.
Systems are reviewed regularly for continuous improvement in process and product.
Full on-site audit support for verification and validation of processes.

Quality Management Services

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SQF Certification

The SQF certification is a world recognized quality and food safety standard that we are proud to maintain year after year. Our certification is proof of a consistent and measured approach to meeting our product specifications for food grade packaging materials.

Being a SQF certified manufacturer means our customers can count on the processes and training we have in place to make sure the lidding we send out can be trusted on their products. More importantly, we recognize the work that must be done every day to keep our certification in place.

Comprehensive Quality Management Systems

Our customers need to be confident in the product we ship out. To make sure this happens, every operator on our floor is trained to identify issues throughout the production process. This allows us to verify and validate material performance and correct issues before product leaves our facilities. In addition, every order is traced with complete records on hand for any future investigation that may be required.

Our commitment to the success of our customers means we will work to understand their quality needs and identify opportunities for process improvement, so we can deliver the product and quality expected.

On-Site Audit Support

On-site Audit Support

Audits are important. Without them, we don't have any way of knowing if the quality systems we rely on are working. Regular audits allow us to verify and validate our systems and identify opportunities for improvement.

We believe in being "audit ready" at all times to support our customers and their needs. Our team performs audit activities throughout the year to ensure we consistently meet the audit needs of our customers and are always prepared for their review.

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