Engineering & Technical Services

Working Together For Exceptional Product Performance

Each product is unique. We get it. That’s why we have a team dedicated to engineering, research and development, and technical services to make sure you get the exact lid that works for your product. Our team understands the wide range of differences in material properties, so we can recommend the most appropriate and compatible material for your specific product and operational needs.

To be the supplier you trust when you are faced with a product challenge or packaging change, our team works to qualify new materials, create unique packaging formats, and identify solutions to improve performance while reducing or eliminating disruption to your production.

We are focused on the education and support of our customers to help them achieve successful product use and proper material integration on machinery, while testing for quality and performance reliability. This means you can count on quality lidding that meets your product expectations.


Direct relationships built with material and machine suppliers.
Thorough testing of all materials to ensure product compatibility.
Product development process structured for new product success.
Dedicated technical support available for all customers.

Engineering & Technical Services

Diverse Selection of Materials

Our research and product development process is unique in that we do not rely on one material or supplier for your lidding needs. This means we are able to provide the most appropriate and compatible material for each of your individual product packaging and operational process needs. We identify solutions to be the best for you - not just what may be more convenient for us.

Proprietary Testing Protocol Includes Vacuum Burst Testing

Proprietary System of Testing Protocols

We have built a system of rigorous testing protocols designed to ensure the product we deliver meets the specific and unique needs of each customer, product, and market segment. Our testing is conducted through real world application to verify the overall integrity of the lid and make sure your product performance is meeting expectations - with no surprises.

research and development

Research & Development Focused on Your Success

Our team is experienced in the development of new products, particularly identifying opportunities for new materials in product applications and creation of prototype lidding to test material compatibility. We are focused on identifying the lidding solution that meets performance criteria for your specific needs and applications, ranging from yogurt to coffee, hard-to-hold dressings and sauces, and more.

What is unique about our process is that we don't offer pre-packaged solutions. We work side-by-side with each of our customers to identify the challenges and create a lidding solution that will solve your specific packaging concerns and meet your product expectations.

What can we do for you:

  • Identify materials 
  • Develop lidding prototypes
  • Test for form and function validation
  • Send produced samples to you for performance and production integration on your machines
  • Validate results, review misses, and make recommendations
  • Advise on appropriate testing for your product and market requirements
  • Scalable production plan

Dedicated Technical Support and Service

We value and nurture all of our relationships - those with our customers and with our vendors and industry partners. We have built direct relationships with our supply chain partners across the industry that keep us up-to-date on material changes, machinery requirements, and technology advancements. These connections allow us to support our customers in reducing or eliminating their product performance concerns and disruptions.

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