Design & Pre-Press Services

Complete Design and Pre-Press Support

Our Creative Services team is here to provide our customers with total design and pre-press support. From design creation to artwork layout approvals and plate production, our team handles the whole process in-house to keep your projects on schedule from concept to production.

With over 30 years of experience in lidding design and layout, we can start your new packaging project from scratch or take your existing designs and get them ready to run on our state of the art flexographic printing presses. Wherever you may be in the process, we're here to get you to the finish line.

High-quality design and pre-press services in our building means you get better turn-around for your packaging needs, and gives you the advantage when it comes to bringing your new products to market.


Experienced design team onsite to bring your product to life.
Full press check support for accuracy and better performance.
In-house plate production means better lead times.
Team of experts in color theory to bring you better results.

Design & Pre-Press Services

Individual Design Reviews and Consultations

Our seasoned team of designers and pre-press specialists bring insight and experience to your product packaging. We work to understand your specific product needs and challenges from a design and pre-press perspective.

press check

Press Check Support for Accuracy and Performance

Once a design is approved for printing, our team gets right to work on your final product. Colors are proofed, plates are produced, and adjustments are made. Whether we need to update a color or create a new plate - whatever it takes for your final product to meet your needs and expectations, we work together to get it done. By the time the press check is complete, you will see exactly how your lids will look on shelves and in the hands of your customers.  


plate production

Plate Production and Management On-site

With state-of-the-art digital plate making equipment at our fingertips, we are able to proof, produce, correct, and manage every single plate for your products. This means less time waiting for plates to be made, shipped, received, and tested before production can begin. Less time waiting on plates means a faster turnaround to get your new products to market.


Expertise in color theory image or pantone book

Expertise in Color Theory

It is more than just achieving color target approvals. Our team is trained and experienced in total color theory, meaning they can help identify potential common colors and matches within your design to reduce the overall number of colors needed while still meeting the high-quality appearance of your product that you expect. One major benefit here is having a final print that is more accurate, run more efficiently, and costs you less in plate charges.

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